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    The principle of heat transfer machine, heat press machine is how Indian painting
        Tang Hua machine has three concepts, namely, pressure, temperature, time.
    Job mechanism: After heating plate heat, with a certain pressure, a specific temperature and time, will be on the transfer paper and heat-bonding layer to the substrate may penetrate into the substrate material above.
    (1) selection of microcomputer intelligent temperature control \ time integrated control, high accuracy (temperature accuracy of ± 0.5 ° C);
    (2) heating wire and the heating plate all the cast, a secure, use, distribute heat evenly;
    (3) the heating plate is coated with Teflon non-stick coating;
    (4) Electronic time control, alarm indication signal the end of the process;
    (5) pressure can easily adjust;
    (6) floor installation of high temperature silicone foam board, temperature 350 ° C without deformation.
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