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    Thermal transfer machine and its characteristics and classification

    Thermal transfer machine is using sublimation technology printing machines in general, including flat-screen heat press machine heat transfer machine, high pressure heat press machine, shaking his head heat press machine, roasted Cup machine, hotplate machines, grilled cap machine, transfer drum machines and other heat transfer equipment. You can print a wide range, including both planar heat transfer, including cups, plates, hats, these heat transfer surfaces, heat transfer is a new technology, the country has just the right track.

    Thermal transfer characteristics are:

    1, the picture beautifully, with ordinary hot stamping, heat transfer machine to complete.

    2, Ko forming a color pattern, no color printing.

    3, simple operation, India exquisite workmanship, low production costs.

    4, product loss, and high added value, decorative and strong.

    5, high hiding power, strong adhesion.

    6, in line with green printing standards, no environmental pollution.

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